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About Hammrtech

Since 1995 we have been providing Internet and e-commerce solutions to businesses and organizations. Companies in the following industries have benefitted from our expertise:

  • home improvement and building services
  • medical publishing
  • education publishing
  • technology services and computer distribution
  • public accounting
  • clubs & non-profit organizations
  • bar and restaraunt/entertainment
  • boat and marine

Our Philosophy

We believe that all businesses and organizations require an online presence that includes marketing and outreach and in many cases an e-commerce solution. Our job is to make sure that your online presence and Internet solution meets your requirements. In many cases, a complimentary mobile presence is also warranted. Hammrtech can provide your organization with a complete solution from web to e-commerce to mobile.

Hammrtech began developing Internet solutions in the very early days of the Internet. Since we've been around so long, we have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with the absolute best advice, product and service in the industry. We don't stop there - we also recruit young forward-thinking individuals who see things from an "electronic worldview."

Other Services

We have partnered with Newtek to provide a broad range of business services to our clients. For details, click here.